Dec 25, 2001 is Christmas Day and the day that Wan and Mou plan to across Sadao Border to Malaysia. (The Malaysia call this border "Jang Loan". When we were in Hat Yai, Loy Chai Cycling Team had ask Le Run Cycling Shop in Hat Yai to corporate with Malaysian Cyclist Team, it is clear. While ago, we met the manager of Le Run shop and he would wait for us at the Malaysian border. The Malaysian Cyclists arrive on time and are waiting. Wan and Mou fill up the form and then across the border.


We enter Malaysia… everything has changed…we could see that the clock is one hour ahead of Thailand. The money unit is different including the food, the culture differences.. We wish to see and feel it. This is the first country that we bike to and there will be many more.


Our Malaysian friends are waiting for us at the border. Le Run Manager introduces each of the cyclists to us. The Chinese-Malay speaks Chinese. In the north 4 states of Malaysia, 70 percent of people is Chinese-Malay and there are Thai-Malay as well. After we take a group photo, we bike on the highway. We see the beautiful view at both sides of the road and feel safe. We pass Jitra and enter the minor road to see the countryside and lifes. Mou feel good that there is a Thai-Malay so he could speak Thai with him. He advise is to exchange money (1 RM = 11.55 Baht) at one counter. We bike at 30 KM and arrive Alor Setar, Kedah State (Saiburi State in Thai). We visit Soo Beng Cycling Shop. Mr. Yeoh Soo Beng, the manager, had welcomed us at the border and lead the team until here. We bring our touring bikes to keep in his shop and then have lunch all together. We had Chinese food and it is so delicious.

In the evening, we meet Mr. Fat, a Thai-Malay and he drives us around town. He takes us to visit Mahathir Mohamad's hometown (The Prime Minister of Malaysia) in Kampong (a village) and see the way of living. All roads in Kampong are good road that the Malaysian is so proud of. When we come back to Soo Beng Shop, we got an invitation to the wedding ceremony of one friend who is a cyclist. Mr. Junior who is a sales manager of insurance company gives us a hospitality to stay overnight in his home and he is so kind to give us the internet access to check our email.



Dec 26, 2001

In the morning…we packed…and continue our trip.. Mr. Jai , a Thai-Malay, he bike to Junior's house and lead us to Soo Beng Cycling Shop. We have breakfast all together. Mr. Yeoh Soo Beng put the Malaysian flags on our bikes. Thank you to all our cyclist friends in Alor Setar for your kind support. Today, we will bike to Sg. Petani with 2 young cyclists friends namely Tan Choon Keat and Lao. It is quite safe to bike on the road. The speed limit for cars is at 60 KM./Hour. There are big trucks, they drive slowly to give the cycling team pass them. The 2 young cyclist friend has very good cycling skills and wellknown in Sg. Petani. We arrive Sg. Petani in the evening.

There are lots of old Chinese Buildings around town, they have preserve them well and still live in these houses. Tan Choon Keat ask his monther for the permission to let Wan and Mou stay overnight in his home ( He owns a restaurant with 15 stores selling varieties of food). His mother gives us a warm welcome and pay for the food for us. She cry because she fell good that her son has Wan and Mou as a friend. Wan and Mou also feel happy to have a good friend and get a chance to know them. Tan Choon Keat's cousin even help us wash clothes in his home.





Dec 27, 2001

Tan Choon Keat and his friends (7 cyclists) are ready to bike with Wan and Mou to Penang. All of us have a lot of fun riding our bikes, the road is great and it is so beautiful view along the road. We arrive Butterworth and take a ferry to Penang. We couldn't bike across Penang Bride (Third Longest Bridge in the world) due to the regulation. We pay 0.7 RM per person and the ferry takes us 15 minutes to reach Penang. The cost of living in Penang is 1-2 times of Thailand. The price of drinking water is 20 Baht per Litre.

Our destingation point in Penang is The Royal Thai Consulate. We had a warm welcomed from Mr. Suwit Saichua, the General of Thai Consulate. We had asked him for the advice. He has given us a great support to make an appointment with the officer of Indonesian Embassy for us (to obtain info about biking in Indonesia). We had given interview to New Straits Times Newspaper (best selling newspaper in Malaysia) printed our story on January 2, 2002. All of our cyclists friend bike back home in Sg. Petani, thank you to all of them for the great friendship!


New year… in Penang… We stay at Thai Temple namely Wat Buppharam on Burma Street. We had managed many things such as email our update story and photos to our web designer, developing films and corporate with people on internet. We get to know good friends in Penang and celebrate the new year with them. They show us the beautiful fireworks in downtown on the midnight of Dec 31 and take us for a delicious Muslim Food with Roti. We stay in Penang for many days.. There are lots of noodles selling here..that make us think of our Thai food.

We are now getting ready to take a ferry to Medan, Indonesia. We have got an advice from the Indonesian Embassy that it is not safe to bike in Sumatra and they give us many good points to see Indonesia..

Our story in Indonesia will be posted soon…Best of luck… Wan and Mou




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